Globe and E-games are going to Anonas Quezon City!

By GM Cerberus
Hey E-gamers and Globe subscribers!

We are inviting you to join us in one of the coolest and most happening event this summer!
The Globe 24ever Game fest in Anonas Quezon City!

Get to play E-games' in demand MMORPGs & Casual games!

Participate in Tournaments & Offline events to get prizes that will make any E-gamer drool!

Get the tons of freebies & the hottest promos from Globe!

So be there! April 18 at the Anonas Complex!

This event is brought to you by Globe and E-games!

Dahil ang lakas mo sa Globe....San ka pa?!

Conqueror’s Path Top 3 Guild Rankings!

By GM Cerberus
Eto na eto na eto na!!!

Basahin at namnamin ang TOP 3 GUILD Rankings na ubod ng lupet!!!


Phoenix1 ( 16 )
OpusDei ( 12 )
Drop`Out` ( 11 )


ConQuErOrZ ( 16 )
`VeTeRaNz- ( 15 )
SG`UNITES ( 12 )


Phx-Xtrme ( 15 )
`NecO ( 14 )
-Dynasty` ( 12 )


`eMPire` ( 16 )
D3miGodz ( 13 )


SG-ELITEâ„¢ ( 16 )
-PhOeNiX- ( 13 )


`YIN_YANG` ( 14 )
`Genesis- ( 12 )
`NeVeRFaDe ( 10 )


MP`ImOrTaL ( 17 )
Dangerous ( 17 )
`NOBLES ( 15 )


`aRmAdA-99 ( 15 )
RastaRuleZ ( 13 )
``ShReK` ( 11 )

Ang mga Server at Guilds na maglalaban sa Domination III para sa kanilang mga pwesto sa rankings ay ang mga sumusunod:

Ang labanan ay gaganapin sa Domination III!!! Surprise prizes ang matatanggap ng bawat Guilds!!! Kaya kita-kitz at mag-practice na mga RANatics! Oyeah!

Bisitahin ang RAN Guild Congress para sa RANkings:

RAN Online Domination III Activities

By GM Cerberus
Naguguluhan ka na ba at hinde makatulog nang kakaisip kung ano ba ang magaganap sa RAN online ngayong DOMINATION 3?

Ano ano kaya ang mga patimpalak?

Ano ano kaya ang mga papremyo?

May mga artista ba?

Makakagat ba ako ng buwaya?

Malaman lahat yan sa pag bisita sa aming forums!

I-copy mo lang ang link na ito sa browser mo at click mo na ang enter at baka himatayin ka sa excitement!!!

GE Limited Edition Boxes available at Domination 3!!!

By GM Cerberus
Hey Pioneers!!!

GE Limited Edition Boxes will be available at Domination 3 this Saturday April 4,2009!!!. For every purchase of GE Limited Edition Box comes with special in-game item voucher that they can claim at the GE Booth.

See you there!

RANniversary Special EXP Treat - Mamaw sa Tag-araw!

By GM Cerberus
NON-STOP 3x at 4x EXP dala ng 3 taong anibersaryo ng RAN Online

April 1 to April 30, 2009

Monday to Thursday
3x EXP - 24 hours NON-STOP!

Friday to Sunday
4x EXP - 24 hours NON-STOP!


RAN Bonus EXP Time Events! April 1 to April 30, 2009

3x Bonus EXP Time! Monday to Thursday
For level 1-210, 12 noon to 12 midnight
30 minutes charging period, 1 hour Bonus EXP Time

4x Bonus EXP Time! Friday to Sunday
For level 150-210, 24 hours NON-STOP
30 minutes charging period, 2 hours Bonus EXP Time

Pansamantalang wala munang Bonus EXP Time sa Sabado, April 4, 2009 bilang pagbigay daan sa selebrasyon ng Domination III (yearly anniversary). Ang EXP rate (RANniversary Special EXP Treat) ay ipagpapatuloy pa rin.

ZX Server Maintenance: MOVED

By GM Cerberus
Hi Guys!

ZX maintenance is moved to April 1, 2009

Thank you.

Ano ba kamo ang bago sa Episode 6? Sakto dahil eto na ang impormasyon na hinihinge mo!

By GM Cerberus
Episode 6-1 Content:

1. Release of new class character

Ø Conditions for extreme class characters

o Normal class account should at least be in level 195 and above.

o You must have an available character slot in your account.

o If your normal class character’s gender is male, then you can only create a male character for Extreme/new class.

o If your normal class character’s gender is female, then you can only create a female character for Extreme/new class.

Ø New class character can share all cloth and weapon with the original class.

Ø New class character can wear special Uniforms, except school Uniforms.

Ø New class can automatically swap weapons by use keyboard ‘Tab’ Key

Ø Added new armors and weapons for Extreme/new class.

Ø Extreme/new class can progress using original quests just like a normal class.

Ø New and exciting quests await extreme/new class characters.

Ø Level cap for extreme/new class has been set to level 150.

2. Resurrection / Ultima Rosary has been improve far better flexibility

Ø If a player wears a Resurrection/ Ultima rosary necklace and the character died, then the player may choose either the option to “use” or “revive” character, this would still keep the current exp.

3. Level cap for normal class has been raised to 210

Ø The Experience table for level 197 to 200 has been increased to give way to the newly adjusted cap level. This is not a rollback or bug issue. Previously earned experience has not been changed or modified in any way.

Ø Experience for level 200 that has attained a max exp of 100% before the patch would not appear as a 100% after the EP 6-1 patch this is based on the increase of the experience table

4. All new Hairstyles for both male and female character in all classes

5. All new leader monsters have arrived and this leader monster will drop new funny items.

6. Character slot has been extended depending on the character card number you had in your account.

7. New NPC has been added in the Practicing Yard, Prison, Head B 30F, Head B 90F and 2nd Market.